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  • Duration: 4 days 3 nights
  • Ages: 18+
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  • stay at: Hilton Hotel
  • trip time: 8am - 4.30px
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  • stay at: Ger camp
  • trip time: 8am - 4.30px

What's included

  • Guide
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  • Meals
    4 breakfast & 3 dinners
  • Transport
    Modern air conditioned coach with reclining seats, TV for showing DVDs, and toilet
  • 5 Experiences
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  • Other
    Free Wi-fi in all hotels 
    All taxes and fees 
    Any public transport used as part of the tour (excludes free days) 
    Free Expat Explore tour souvenir
  • Flights
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  • Insurance
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Optional Excursions
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